Repeated Visits

Strengthening and retraining the muscles and soft tissues that support your spine will take more than on e visit. In the same way you can’t get in shape with a single workout at the gym, we’ll recommend a program
of care.
Your Recovery

How many visits will it take? That depends:

• The extent of your health goals

• Your age, condition and lifestyle

• How much stress you experience

• Following our recommendations

• Implementing home care procedures

The Sweet Spot

If visits are too frequent, our efforts may be wasted since your body may not have fully integrated the changes from the last one. If your visits are too far apart (or you miss one!) we may not be able to acquire the “momentum” needed to affect real change. Each visit builds on the ones before.

It is in the repetition of the exercise that strengthens muscles. Same with repeated chiropractic adjustments.

Over the years, we’ve come to know what visit schedule produces the greatest effect with the fewest number of visits.