Services and Products

Though changes in chiropractic have come and gone through the years, our commitment to professional, all natural chiropractic care remains the same. Our healthcare facility is dedicated to natural evidence based restoration of function and wellness. We believe that chiropractic and exercise together are a dynamic duo bringing pain relief, increased energy, strength, and improved well-being.

Low back pain, disc herniation, headaches and fatigue can all be helped by restoring the spine to its normal motion and strengthening the muscles that support and protect it. By bringing together several unique treatment techniques and a variety of adjunctive therapies we are able to match the technique to the individuals need, rather then trying to conform each person to one particular treatment.

Chiropractic, Active Release, Massage, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture have all been brought under one roof. Our goals are not just to provide pain relief, but also to introduce each individual to a higher level of wellness including increased energy levels, strength, coordination and stronger immune systems.


·        Chiropractic Consultation and Exam

·        On-site Diagnostics

·        X-Rays

·        Chiropractic Manipulation

·        Rehabilitation Center

·        On-site Patient Education Program

·        Off-site Employee Education Lectures

·        Nutrition Counseling

·        Active Release Technique

·        Personal Training

·        Massage

·        Trigger Point Therapy

·        Orthodic Spinal Stabilizers



Pain relief that works with ILEX provides fast, deep penetrating pain relief. Sports injury pain, painful joints, back pain..muscles spasms…shoulder/arm discomfort…arthritis/bursitis pain…strained muscle pain…neck,hip and leg pain…

The Stick:

Intracell Technology employs the use of dynamic reactive trigger point therapy visits. Intracell Technology is successfully used in musculotendinous therapy of: pain…strain…stress…spasm…tension…tone…cramp…triggerpoint…fatigue